The Quilt That A. and B. Made

Quilt for the Kids' Cousin

A. and B. finished this quilt today. We began it months ago. It wasn’t hard to do, just hard to find time. Most days, the girls would rather play with their goats than sew. This quilt is for our new nephew, Braydon. When his older brother was born, I made a quilt (see here for […]

Finished Fence Rail Quilt

Finished Fence Rail Quilt

Just finished! (It is folded in fourths.) I hand-stitched the binding to the backside this evening while watching Becoming Jane and the newer Pride and Prejudice. Actually, P & P is still on. I’m having a hard time getting to bed! I will deliver it to my friend tomorrow. I know she is going to […]

Fence Rail Quilt

Fence Rail Quilt

As of this morning, this is how the Fence Rail quilt sits. I could have gotten farther yesterday but I made a mistake. As usual. I made 9 additional blocks, no problem. Then I sewed them together in a row and put seven of them — yes seven! — in wrong! To make matters worse, […]

Baby Clothes

Oh, I do love sewing baby clothes! I never did any when I was having babies (but I wish I had). I know why I didn’t sew then — no time. And I was also in my extreme housekeeping phase then when all I did besides take care of the babies, was keep everything spotless […]

Household Catch Up and Mending and Thoughts of Wool…

Yesterday and today I am getting caught up on things. Phone calls. School back on track. I feel like I’ve been cleaning the kitchen for 2 days. That’s because I keep making messes and am not able to clean them up right away (or don’t want to). Laundry, lots of that. And I made a […]

Sewing Bugs

Here are the promised pictures of the girls with their new sewing machines (and one of C., too). A., working on a small quilt for her doll. B., making a quilted tote bag. C., sewing a little bag (basically just learning how to operate the machine).

It’s Back!

You never knew it left because I didn’t mention the departure of my sewing machine. I got my sewing machine back yesterday after having it repaired. For the last year, the hook timing has been off. I would get skipped stitches with the needle in the left-most position. This meant: no buttonholes, no (wide) zigzags, […]

Finished Donation Quilt

We presented our finished quilt to the congregation yesterday during the service. I was sad because more than a handful of the ladies who contributed weren’t there and didn’t get to see it. Even my girls weren’t there because A. was ill. The congregation was pleased with the quilt. On Wednesday I will take the […]

Pregnancy Care Center Quilt

Back in the spring, our church’s ladies and young ladies constructed blocks out of fabric I handed out to them. I am finally putting the quilt together… and really in the nick of time because the auction fundraiser of which it will be a part is October 4th! This project totally got buried in my […]

T2CHK Quilt Block Swap

I’m wrapping up our 2nd quilt block swap at the T2CHK Message Board. Tomorrow I will mail out all the swapped sets of 12 blocks to the 11 other participants. We chose to swap 9-patch blocks. They turned out so pretty.