Making Movies is Hard Work!


Yesterday, the kids and I wore ourselves out. We started working on movies to show artisan bread, Kombucha and sprouting. None of those are done. In fact, I want to redo them. By the end of the day, we all slept well and earned our sleep, for sure! The girls are just amazing me with […]

Updates. Brief.

Games with the kids. Blockus and Crazy Eights. Jury duty yesterday. Trial dismissed. Rain. Mud. Mess. Farmer’s Market. Heirloom tomatoes. Farmer’s Market. 8 pound red cabbage. Jeff’s new job. Keeping him busy and away. The Homekeeper’s Journal. Begins Monday. High speed internet. Better use of my time. Email inbox. Organized. Decluttering. Slowly but surely. Kitchen […]

Bed Shopping

Perhaps my having chosen our bed before we’re ready to buy it would be considered “counting one’s chickens before they hatch” but it seems to make logical sense. We pick out a bed. Then we know how much money we need and can be saving up for it, while allowing time for pros and cons […]

Happy They’re Home

The last three days have been so nice. That’s an awful adjective. But it suits. Life is normal again. I still get fed up with the giggling silliness but I suppose I’ll always have little patience for that. Our days are back to the normal chores and minimal summer schooling. A. is so excited about […]

They’re on the Way Home!

The kids will be returning from their CA trip at about 5 pm. I want to pick up the house before they come, because it’s not just them arriving, but also Jeff’s parents. Its sad to admit that I’ve let the house get cluttered over the last two weeks. I’ve had my hands in so […]

Please Take My Poll

Are you interested in sensible kitchen tool and storage solutions? Please take the poll! By sensible, I mostly mean permanent kitchen solutions made from glass, stainless steel, wood, and bamboo. But also, in the case of paper products, that they be from recycled materials and any wax additions be from paraffin, not plastic, wax. I […]

Busy Home Today

My Thursdays are always great days because we are home after a day out. I only went to one thrift store yesterday due to time. What do you think I got but two sheets. They are both smooth woven cottons — one a pretty soft shade of pink and another a spring green. They will […]

Fencing Progress and Other Weekend Adventures

Burning yet another brush pile...

Over the weekend, we continued to work on fencing. We almost finished up the last side. Jeff had to work by himself on Saturday morning, as I had to be in the kitchen preparing a meal to share with friends who came over for Saturday afternoon and evening. Saturday afternoon was overcast, perfect for burning […]

Chore System — Chore Cards

Chore Cards and Card-Holders

Traci posted a great idea the other day at the T2CHK Message Board — chore cards and card-holders. She said she got the idea from somewhere and made it to suit her family. I saw her idea this morning and I’ve made it to suit us! I will focus on how I made this for […]

Wool Care

I felted the 100% merino wool interlock I received, thinking it would felt all the way and then I wouldn’t have to worry about shrinking anymore. I was wrong. Wool will continue to shrink forever, so I do have to hand wash it. That is, if I want Jeff’s shirts to stay his size. A […]