They’re on the Way Home!

The kids will be returning from their CA trip at about 5 pm. I want to pick up the house before they come, because it’s not just them arriving, but also Jeff’s parents. Its sad to admit that I’ve let the house get cluttered over the last two weeks. I’ve had my hands in so […]

Long To-Do List Today

We spent so much time away this weekend that we are really behind today. The house looks pretty disheveled and I’m determined to get on top of it! I’m enlisting the kids help. They have a long list of chores to do as well as their schoolwork. Everyone is at work on something. The To-Do […]

Easy Valances — Pictures

I mentioned I made curtains for the whole house. Correction: I made valances. We’ve lived in our house for a year now (today, as a matter of fact). It’s about time. All along, I’ve wanted to make window coverings but didn’t know what to do. The windows all came with blinds, which are convenient at […]

Classic Flower Prints from Dover Publications

What I’ve done this morning is nothing that was on my original list! I used some old frames with mats to frame classic flower prints I purchased from Dover last Christmas. This set of 6 prints (ready to frame) is normally only $3.95 — a great deal regardless — but I may have purchased it […]

Favorite Spots in My House

I spent all last week on a Decluttering Mission. Jeff and I are always working on decluttering, to be honest. But I had stopped being vigilant about clutter and things just started piling up, especially out in the open. I tackled the “out in the open” clutter and the “hidden” clutter on my Mission. The […]

The Plan

I’m baking the rest of my bread today (3 loaves). Jeff was a sweetie and brought home some SAF yeast for me from the health food store on his way home from work last night. I’ve also got a double batch of Whole Wheat Tortillas resting and ready to be rolled out in a bit. […]


I couldn’t bake 6 loaves of bread today. I’m all out of yeast. I had enough for 3 loaves. I’ve ordered some… hope it will arrive soon! The baking is done and we’re mostly done with school now. A. started Winston Grammar — Basic today. I bought it by accident last year when she was […]

Sitting Down for a “Minute”…

… to eat my breakfast while I checked my email. By the time I am writing this, my green smoothie and muffin are already consumed, and I’m still sitting here. Gotta get going. I’ve baked applesauce muffins and almond milk this morning. I am about to grind flour to bake Whole Wheat-Kamut-Millet Bread. We have […]

Update for the Day

So far… Only finished tidying up and sorting through the kids’ bedrooms. There are a couple of bags of garbage — broken cars and other toys and umpteen million drawings. Not too many things for give away but that’s because things were better pared down than I thought. No work on the kitchen or bookcases. […]

Today’s Organizing

When I’m all done with my organizing and rearranging I’ll take some pictures of my favorite areas to share. Yesterday I tackled all the common areas in addition to my bedroom. I feel so much better having a peaceful space where things are put away instead of out in my sight. The peace and harmony […]