Prairie Dress Update

Yesterday and this morning, great progress was made on the girls’ prairie dresses. The skirts were attached and hemmed. I added eyelet lace at the bottom of A.’s sleeves and bottom hem. I added a silk ribbon to the base of B.’s sleeves and hems. Those made such pretty, feminine touches. Regarding the dilemma of […]

I’m Just Not Sure…

Yesterday I put together the girls’ dress bodices, including the sleeves. A try on showed that they don’t fit quite right, on either girl. I’m just not sure what to do, though. The problem shows most clearly under the arm with some wrinkling. The problem could be that the bodices are too big around the […]

A.’s Bodice

Now I’m going to go work on B.’s bodice. The collar is created. B. sewed it herself with very nice stitching. A. would have sewn her own collar, but she had plenty of schoolwork to do today! I have a few minutes by myself because right now the kids are at the neighbor’s learning how […]

My Prairie Dress

I finished my prairie dress yesterday. It had been waiting for the last week for me to put the sleeves in to see if the overall fit was a go. It is a go. It fits perfectly. I am really pleased because I have been eager, on my journey to improve my sewing skills, to […]

My Prairie Dress Progress

On Tuesday, I did alot more than think about my prairie dress. I put the old one on and saw hot poorly fitted it was. I went on to alter it to fit me. I feel blessed to have learned what I have over this past year in making alterations and drafting changes. When I […]

The Perfect Pattern Tracing Paper

Probably most sewers know about this already; it was good news to me! The best tracing paper for patterns is the table paper from a doctor’s office. It is cheap, sturdier than tissue paper, and more see-through than newsprint. If you want to buy it on your own, you’d have to buy a box of […]

Beginning Our Prairie Dresses

Every year our church has a Harvest Banquet at the beginning of November. For our church, it is the event of the year. Most everyone dresses up in an early American prairie style. Last year was our first time attending and we had a great time. The girls didn’t want to have the same dresses […]

My Comfy Pants

I bought 10 yards of soft black t-shirt knit off ebay last week. Including shipping, it turned out to be about $3 per yard. I paid too much for shipping, in my opinion. I contacted the seller today to question why the charges were so high (which I should have asked before) and she gave […]

Winter Sewing

It may seem like I have not been sewing, but I have. And what I haven’t been physically doing, I have been planning in my mind. The biggest hurdle overcome is that last week I revisited Jeff’s t-shirt pattern and perfected it. So that’s ready. I feel like I have alot on my plate in […]

Help Me Out?

Here is the dress I mentioned that Jeff’s mom gave me. It has a knit top with ruffle sleeves. The neckline is low, which is why I made some tanks to wear underneath it. The skirt is made from a crinkle cotton put together in tiers all the way down to the floor. The waist […]