Crockpot Castile Soap


When I started making soap, I learned from the book Handcrafted Soap, by Dolores Boone. It is well worn – though I don’t follow the recipes, I follow the technique. I love the hot process soap method because it is fast and pretty hands-off. My style. My soap can be in the molds in about an hour and half, with only 15 minutes of hands-on time. Then the next day, it takes about 15 minutes to cut up the bars. Half hour soap! :D

Goat Milk Soap – Part 3


I delivered my goat milk soap yesterday to Localvore Fresh Oregon Foods, a new food store in Sutherlin that features Oregon-grown, naturally-grown food items.

Goat Milk Soap – Part 2

just out of the mold

Allrighty. I bet you’re thinking that it took me long enough to show you the cut up bars of goat milk soap. All I can say is that the reason this took me so long is because it was really hard to do. ;)

Goat Milk Soap – Part 1

partially frozen (slushy) goat milk in an ice water bath

This is not going to be a goat milk tutorial. There are so many good tutorials on the web and I’m not a proficient or knowledgeable enough soap maker to think I could cover the subject well. But here are some pictures and brief descriptions of the process I underwent yesterday in my first attempt at making goat milk soap.