Meet Our Family

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I am Wardee Harmon and I live in the Pacific Northwest with my fantastic husband of nearly 17 years, Jeff. God blessed us with three awesome children — our eldest daughter, A. — 16; middle daughter, B. — 14; and youngest son, C. — almost 13. We live in the country and love it!

Harmon family

We love being home and we love living in the country! We are in the process of turning our property into as self-sufficient a homestead as we can. Some days, this seems like it will never happen, but as we look back over the months, we do see progress.

I spend most of my time cooking in the kitchen, or attempting to create something wearable in my sewing area. Okay, I do a bit of cleaning, too, but only because I have to. Now you know what my two passions are — cooking and sewing. You can read more about my family’s philosophy concerning food in this article, “Eat Healthfully, But Not Just For Health.”

Wardee Harmon