Weekly Planner Giveaway from Paper Tree Designs

My friend Deb from Paper Tree Designs makes lovely, whiteboard, dry-erase, magnetic, family weekly planners. I keep mine on the fridge.

With this planner, we know at a glance who needs to be where or do what during the coming week. Workshops, youth group, meetings, church, homeschooling events, get-togethers with friends… Each person gets a column and we fill in their activities for the week.

Not only functional — but beautiful. :) Mine is green like the one pictured. Deb also makes them in blue and pink.

Would you like to win one?

I know you do! We’re giving away five of these beauties to anyone, anywhere. The giveaway details are below.

Before we get to that, here are few words from Deb about why she created this planner. She’s a busy mum of three from Australia.

It’s a common complaint of busy parents that there aren’t enough hours in the day. Families can take a sigh of relief with the launch of Paper Tree Designs My Family Weekly Planner; a reusable un-dated organiser.

Utilising a reusable, soft A3 size whiteboard, this weekly family calendar features a strong magnet backing, which is simply attached to any magnetic surface, such as the kitchen fridge – allowing all members of the family to contribute. A unique feature of the family organiser is its un-dated layout, meaning its reusable year-in, year-out and is ideal for purchase at any time of the year.

The My Family Weekly Planner is the brainchild of Debora, a busy mum of 3. Like all mums Debora was busy juggling sports, a part time job, music lessons, school activities, a busy social calendar and a myriad of shopping lists and notes. Debora was convinced there was an easier and environmentally friendlier way, but could not find what she was looking for and so the daily planner was born. Debora says “I love the fact that no longer is there a need for endless paper, notes, post it notes and scribbles in my kitchen as it can all be tracked on the weekly planner and then cleaned off and reused. So clean and simple and the kids love to use it.”

Australian designed and made, the planner is available in a choice of three gorgeous colours. Priced at only $24.99, the weekly planner is ideal to assist the busy family stay organised and keep a track of the many activities each week. Featuring planning space for mum, dad and up to four children, the multi-feature design allows Paper Tree Designs Weekly Planner to be used as a weekly or daily planner, chore chart, reward chart or menu organiser. The planner also has a tracking area ideal for the endless shopping and ‘to-do’ lists, notes and reminders.

Taking careful steps to ensure that the business is environmentally and socially responsible, Paper Tree Designs utilises recyclable materials and donates $1 from every sale to World Vision.

For more information please visit www.myfamilyweeklyplanner.com. Please like the Paper Tree Designs Facebook page and visit my blog!

Giveaway: 5 Weekly Planners from Paper Tree Designs

Five readers will win a whiteboard weekly family planner from Paper Tree Designs. Details about the weekly planners are here.

Use the widget below to enter the giveaway. This giveaway is open to anyone anywhere. It begins today and ends Thursday, June 7, 2012 at midnight Eastern. I will announce the winner on Friday, June 8, 2012.

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Thank you for your help sharing about Deb’s fantastic planners with your family and friends! Best wishes, everyone!

Disclosure: Deb sent me a planner for personal use, and I love it. I won’t receive any other compensation for hosting this giveaway. I just love this planner so much and am excited to help Deb get the word out so other families can take advantage of this great organizational tool.


  1. I would love a chance at winning one of these planners. I use a magnetic planner now, but would love to win one of these beauties…I like the blue one!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I think this planner might help me to actually keep everything straight – meals for the week, family activities, grocery list. It’s all in one place – not the 8 different post-it notes I keep putting on the door right now. I’d love to win one of these and put it on the door to my garage where everyone can see it. Thanks for sharing this cool idea with me. :)

  3. I would use this as a kitchen planner! Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks across the top, with a column for “Other” as well – Other would be soak beans, bake bread etc.
    Kate´s last blog post ..Light Fixtures

  4. I would love to win one of these. With four kids ages 7-11 in sports and school activities, work and church events, our family life feels overwhelming without organization. I’d love to simplify it with this calendar! Thank you!

  5. I could use it to keep up with what we are doing as well as my menu planner. I believe there is enough room to do both on there. Thank you for the chance to win one. Good Luck to all who enter.

  6. Actually, it would help my daughter. She would LOVE one of these! If I win, she gets it!
    Lady Dorothy´s last blog post ..The Provision Room

  7. I use a small calendar I make, but this is larger and would be nicer for our family. Great idea for a giveaway! :)

  8. A way to help keep schedules in one area!

  9. Michelle Grazor says:

    I tend to have bits of paper with important info all over the place. I love how this would help me to streamline.

  10. As a working Mum of 4 kids this would be an awesome tool to keep the kids busy school lives organised!

  11. I think it would help so much. My husband and I just discussed how it would help the kids with responisibility and planning. It also would help me plan out my week better and husband to know what his honey do chores are instead of me having to remind him three or more times. It would also allow the kids for scheduled school time for summer and they would know what is going on for the week.

  12. Jill Buckland says:

    This would allow my whole family to see and share our plans. It would definitely improve our coordination of schedules. Sticky notes on the fridge just aren’t working.

  13. Susan Jonell Roragen says:

    Love the pink one. This would be so handy to see doctor appts, work schedules, etc. Plus a shopping list is great!

    • Susan Jonell Roragen says:

      This is just added on to the above as one comment (I didn’t understand and left a comment for the first entry.) This would help me because i have many, many doctor appointments and must try to manage them with my husband’s work schedule. To see everything at a glance would be very helpful.

  14. This planner can help us stay organized throughout the week. Plus it’s an easy way for all of us to see the weekly schedule, not just for mom to know.

  15. This would keep the whole family on the same page – or the same white board as it may be:)

  16. Since there are only two of us, I will use the other columns to plan soaking, sprouting and dehydrating.

  17. I could really use this :)
    Lea H @ Nourishing Treasures´s last blog post ..Natural Organic Insect Repellent – and the winner is…

  18. Angelia says:

    This looks so pretty as well as useful. I like the idea of using it for listing meals, snacks, and meal prep info.

  19. I have one of these and they are amazing!! The kids get such pride out of them too!

  20. This would be very useful for planning our summer…farmer’s market Tuesdays, church Sunday, etc.

  21. I think this would be helpful with schooling and church scheduling for our family! I love that it’s reusable and that will be really helpful for me. :)
    Diana Kapala´s last blog post ..A Typical Tuesday

  22. Fiona Edgerton says:

    I know who does what at what times but this wold help my husband and the older kids.
    Brillant idea.

  23. Nice tool to help everyone know who is doing what each week. Thanks

  24. It looks like a great planner. I so neeeeeeed help planning. I am constantly knocked off my feet overwhelmed with life!


  25. This is a good size for us. I have a huge desk planner on the wall, but it is in sort of an out of the way spot. This one is big enough to see well, and yet small enough to put on the fridge where we will see it all the time. I have lots of schedule things with farm chores, or cheese making or co-op ordering, etc. I need to see at a glance what is going on when.

  26. This looks like a great idea. I have a continuous notebook to reduce the stress of remembering everything with a large family and all that goes with it. Thank you for offering a free giveaway! If I were to win green would be my choice!

  27. Tiffany says:

    Hi Wardee,
    HOw fun that you are doing a giveaway!! This is a great way to stay organized!! With three kids and lots of activities I think it would be used every single day :) Hope you are doing well friend.
    Love, Tiff

  28. Tiffany A. says:

    So pretty! This would look great on my fridge and help keep my family organized :)

  29. I love things like this to help me be more organized with menu planning and using up leftovers, keeping up with the garden, etc.

  30. Absolutely this could help!! I love it!

  31. Chelsea Wipf says:

    This would be so handy for writing appt down as I make them, and then everyone else would be able to see what is scheduled quickly too!

  32. I was actually looking for something like this to help me keep track of and make use of our weekly CSA share–love Kate’s suggestion of using it to keep track of soaking and other traditional foods tasks!

  33. Katrina says:

    I would love this- our calendar just gets too messy and confusing!!

  34. My husband is a seminary student and his schedule is different every day. I’m constantly asking him when he’ll be gone. We use google calendar but I don’t aways want to get on the computer to look at the schedule.

  35. This is just the type of thing that we could use at my house! We’re just beginning the homesteading/healthier eating journey, and this will help me keep better track of everything that will need to be done. Meals, foods to be made, classes to take, etc. Thanks for offering us a chance to win this great planner! :)
    Laura @ The Unexpected Homesteader´s last blog post ..The Unexpected Homesteader?

  36. Heather says:

    I like this planner! It would help all year long, but especially for school days to keep on top of tests, projects, etc.for each child.

  37. I want this planner to help me utilize the lessons from gnowfglins better! I love the way the one is set up at the back of the menu planners but I want to be more sustainable and reuseable and this planner looks like just the thing

  38. It’s lovely! I would use it as a menu planner, and use one of the columns for reminders (soak beans or rice, make ketchup, etc.)

  39. This could really help me keep track of my toddler’s daily schedule!

  40. This is so awesome I shared it on both my facebook personal page and my blogs page. Love it!


  41. Maureen says:

    Whiteboards are my best friend to keep organized. And these ones are beautiful to boot!

  42. Such a great planner! I agree about a space for “other” things. This could really streamline our scheduling.

  43. I need help organizing my life!

  44. Kimberly says:

    Hi Wardee:
    Who won the paper Tree Designs family planner? I looked for info about it, but couldn’t find it.


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