I cut a shower curtain in half…


…and hung it on my rack aka “dresser” to begin making my bedroom more like a bedroom and less like a storeroom.

It is only pinned up to clear the floor so will need to be hemmed properly.

It could also bear to meet the iron. :)

I like how the shower curtain S hooks make hanging it off the rack so easy and pretty.


  1. Well, we all just knew you were up to something after this silence since Christmas. Thank you for letting us have a peak in to your happy homemaking doings. Keep going and don’t stop! : ) Those S hooks are pretty.

    • Thank you! I’m really happy with the shower curtains. Our window curtains didn’t work out, though. Our windows are 38″ and I’m finding only 36″ long curtains, even online. I’m not sure what to do… other than sew my own, which I may have to do!

  2. We’d be happy to sew them for you or add trim or a strip to the bottom of RTH curtains.

  3. I love this idea Wardee – we move around a lot (USAF husband) and are never able to set our house up the same way twice. I have thought about those types of racks but didn’t like the idea of everything being exposed – the s-hook idea is great and using a shower curtain too – for me that would mean not having to think too hard about it all if I wanted to use the same set up in a completely different room:) Shower curtains are almost always in the clearance section somewhere:)

    • Angelia — I hope this idea will work for you someday! We have had these racks in multiple houses. They move easily. But mine have never been so pretty. I have another for food storage (in my bedroom, too). I covered it with the same shower curtain. And we have another rack at the end of the kids’ hallway that B. uses to store her animal supplies. Guess what shower curtain hides all that? Yes, the same kind as you see above. ;)

      I have two more racks for all my sewing/fabric and other miscellaneous things that have no place. I used sage green tabbed curtains a long time ago to obscure those. They are also in my bedroom (ugh, but what can I do). I would like to get more of these same shower curtains for those, too, but the store didn’t have enough of them. Maybe they’ll come back in stock.

      Anyway, have fun with this should you ever do it!

  4. You may not like the look of this – but we had a similar situation in our current home for some of the windows and since I didn’t want to buy curtains yet again – I just used tension rods and hung them a few inches down inside the window frams……..leaves a little gap of window always showing at the top but we kind of like it that way now.

    • Angelia — Actually that is how I hang my valances now, on tension rods. I like it alot. I brought home some 36″ curtains though and I didn’t like the fullness of them more even than they didn’t fill up the full height. Thanks for the idea — just hearing that you like having that space at the top is good encouragement. :)

  5. Window FRAMES :)

  6. Love this idea!

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