I cleaned out the coat closet.

More stuff than I realized was stuffed in there!


Some old papers I wanted to burn rather than leave behind should something happen to me. No, I’m not foreshadowing anything. More than anything, it was a chance to play with fire with C..


C. likes old things. He thought this charred airmail letter was cool. So I let him keep just one. Okay — I let him keep three.


In spite of my silence, I have spent the last 6 months slowly-but-surely getting my life back in order.

Things are looking and feeling better! Today we are going to test hang new curtains (they might be too short). First better clean the windows! Good-bye dusty and ugly blinds (I hope).


  1. As part of your closet reorganization, did you change the background color of “Such Treasures”? I really like this color. I know this truly has nothing to do with closets but I had to ask and I couldn’t find the appropriate post. I love the color. We didn’t see an after shot of the closet. Did you get rid of everything? What did you put back? Was that a charred and ancient airmail love-letter?

    • Jamie — Yes, I did change the background! I love red. This is a little orange for me so maybe I will tweak yet again.

      I will have to take a picture of the closet for you. Once again, it is storage but at least tidied up. Bins and boxes. Not that pretty.

      Love letters? No — but close. Pen pals from grade school and high school :)

    • The nicest part of cleaning out that closet was all the junk that left the house. :)

  2. Wardee,
    Can I add peppermint oil to this recipe. And if I can, when do I do so?

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