C. Turns 11

C. turned 11 last week on our usual town day. But instead of running errands all day, he went to friends’ who surprised him with a visit to the Wildlife Safari. So nice! But his birthday did not stop there. :)


He’s been wanting to go bowling with the brothers in this family. So kind of (very) spontaneously we decided to just do it — in celebration of his birthday. Yesterday was the day. Conveniently, it made a great birthday party for which I had to do very little work. :) Not that I don’t love my son, but less work makes me really happy.

Yesterday morning I baked the sourdough chocolate cakes. The bowling alley took care of the pizzas. Yes *gasp* we ate out and it was not real food. It tasted great though!

And we bowled. Well, the kids did. :)



I realized that I need to practice hospitality more. The bowling alley provided a table behind our lanes for the food, but did it even occur to me to bring a tablecloth? Nope. I did remember the candles and matches though. :)



  1. Sounds like a fantastic Birthday celebration day!

    We went to the Wildlife Safari almost every year during my childhood, my grandmother loved that place, so very often when we went to visit her in we would trek down there and visit the Safari. I was just telling my girls about it, and how we rode elephants and drove through looking at animals and stuff. What fun memories!!

  2. Happy Birthday to C. – I just have to tell you that your son reminds me so much of my middle son (Jeremiah) who also just turned 11 this weekend! He got a kick out of reading this post since he knows of your family via the gnowfglins blog and ecourses, etc. Thanks for sharing:)

    • Angelia — How neat! Happy birthday to Jeremiah! If he’s looking for a pen pal via email or snail mail, C. would be very interested. :)

      • I am so glad I happened to see this reply. I think that would be a wonderful idea! We will have to get that going. I am thinking snail mail would be best for starting….do you agree? I can email you or you can email me……

  3. Happy Birthday to C.! Looks and sounds like fun was had by all.

  4. Happy Birthday C.!

    I’m glad your wish came true….

    Love ~ Jami, Loren & Katelyn

    • Thanks, Jami! I guess you could say we celebrated on Monday also when we went mushrooming with you! That was so fun, too though not quite the same as bowling for an 11-year old. :)

  5. How fun! So happy for you all, especially C.. What a nice celebration, and that bowling alley looks NICE! :)

    • Thank you, Amy! The bowling alley IS very, very nice and nice people too.

      Some Christmases, my husband’s office hosts the annual Christmas party there. They have a party room, plus a set of lanes that are blacklight and look really cool. We were at the traditional lanes yesterday because they are less expensive to rent. ;)

  6. Toni Dunlap says:

    Happy Birthday C.! It is neat watching your kids grow up. Thanks for sharing this fun news.

  7. Happy Birthday, C.!


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