“The Last Pilgrims” Novel + Win a Kindle!

The author of Surviving Off Off-Grid, Michael Bunker, has written a new fiction novel set 20 years after the collapse of The United States of America — The Last Pilgrims. Check out the free novella (limited time only)… plus you can win a Kindle!

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the last pilgrims

About “The Last Pilgrims”

It is 20 years after the collapse, and the Vallenses (an Amish-like “plain people”) living and surviving in Central Texas are under attack by the evil King of Aztlan and his armies. The pacifistic Vallenses are defended by the shadowy Ghost militia and their inspiring leader Phillip – the Ghost – a militant freeman who wages a guerilla war with Aztlan.

Jonathan, Phillip’s oldest friend and the leader of the Vallenses, must lead his people through the dangerous realities of this new world order, while trying to maintain the beliefs and identity of this peaceful people that are slated for destruction by their enemies.

The Last Pilgrims takes history, and casts it into the future, while examining that future in light of the past.

Want to check out the book yourself, for free? You can read the first 12 chapters for free at The Last Pilgrims website. This link may be taken down at any moment, so click over now and download the PDF if you’re interested.

Or you can purchase a print copy of the novella right here for $4.95 (basically the price covers printing). Or… the novella on Kindle is just $1.99.

By the way, the author is planning a book bomb (for the full version of the book) on Amazon on November 11, 2011. So if you’re thinking of buying the entire book, please consider doing it on 11/11/11. When people buy a book on the same day, it increases the book’s ranking on Amazon.com, which puts it in front of more readers/shoppers.

Giveaway: A Kindle!

This giveaway is for a Kindle. Pretty sweet (I wish I had one!). You must be a resident of the United States to win (sorry, everyone else).

To enter the giveaway: “like” The Last Pilgrims on Facebook, then come back here and leave a comment telling me you did. If you’re not on facebook, you can still enter just by leaving a comment. That’s it! :)

This giveaway starts now and will end next Tuesday, October 4, 2011 at midnight. I’ll announce the winner later next week. Right here. :)

Remember to “like” The Last Pilgrims on Facebook and also keep in mind the book bomb date of 11/11/11!

This giveaway is sponsored by The Last Pilgrims’ author Michael Bunker. Thank you, Michael! I’m excited about this book and eager to read it myself. :)

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  1. Cheryl Jantzen says:

    I just ‘liked’ your FB page. I have a friend who has been following you for a while and she shares your information with me and now I’m just following you myself. :-)

  2. This looks like an interesting read! “Liked” it on Facebook!

  3. Paulann Knight says:

    I liked the FB page, looks like a very interesting book. Thanks for the awesome chance to win a kindle, I would LOVE to win one Thanks

  4. I liked the FB. Looks like a great book!

  5. I have read Surviving Off Off Grid and Modern Religous Idols, both books have helped me live a better, Godly life. thanks for writing them. Can’t wait to read this one!

  6. “Like” on facebook, would LOVE to win a Kindle!

  7. Leslie Hickman says:

    I “liked” on Facebook. Thanks!!!

  8. Laura Tompkins says:

    Can’t wait to read. I would love to win a Kindle.

  9. I liked the facebook page!

  10. Dianne Justis says:

    Looks to be an awesome book from FB into, can’t wait! Would love the win the kindle.

  11. My son has been reading the book online and loves it! We have also read Mr. Bunker’s other book “Surviving Off-Off Grid”.

    I liked “The Last Pilgrims” on FB. Would love to receive the kindle!


  12. Just checked out the trailer for the Last Pilgrims and even tho I would love to read it on the Kindle :), I will buy the book nevertheless. The trailer has really hooked me to read more!

  13. I just “like” it on FB! Sound like an interesting novel. Curious to know what the story is about! Like many others, I would love to win a Kindle! :) In the meantime, good luck to everyone as well!

  14. Not on FB but am interested in reading the book. And the kindle of course.

  15. I don’t have facebook, but I would love to be entered in the giveaway! The book looks very interesting! Nice trailer! :-)

  16. I’m not doing Facebook, but couldn’t pass up the chance to win a free kindle.

  17. I’m not on Facebook. The book sounds great and who wouldn’t love a Kindle?!

  18. I’m not on facebook, but would love to win. I still have his book “Surviving Off Off Grid” on my list of books to read. Thanks for the opportunity.

  19. The books sounds so interesting! I would love to read the entire thing. On a new Kindle I won would be even better! ;)

  20. Alexis Edens says:

    Hi! I liked The Last Pilgrims on facebook–(hopefully I’ll win!)! And the link to the beginning was great!

  21. Elizabeth says:

    This book looks really interesting! Can’t wait to read it!

  22. I LIKE you on fb

  23. and I so want to see this & would LOVE to win this giveaway – AWESOME!!!!!

  24. Josh Miller says:

    I love post-apocalyptic fiction. I liked it on facebook and plan on reading the sample chapters tonight to see if I want to buy. This would be great to have on the kindle, if I had one.

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