Goat Milk Soap – Part 3

I delivered my goat milk soap yesterday to Localvore Fresh Oregon Foods, a new food store in Sutherlin that features Oregon-grown, naturally-grown food items. Larisa, the owner, put them in a little basket because I didn’t have one.

The soap wrappers are black printing on scrapbook  paper for a color look (ala my “color” business cards). I love that font, it came on my Mac. It is called “American Typewriter” and I use it for everything – even incoming emails. I’ll probably get sick of it one day, but not yet! :)

So, hey, if you live in Douglas County, Oregon – you must stop by Localvore! And not just for my soaps. Truly, I’ll still make soap even if nobody buys it. ;)

The store is on the north side of Central Avenue, across from St. Vincent de Paul thrift store, after the second light. Larisa prices her items to be competitive, right in between Trader Joe’s and Market of Choice (in Eugene). That’s a great price point, and on top of that, you’ll find naturally grown and locally produced goodies.


  1. I’m starting to think I need to move to Oregon.

    • Tiffany – Yes, you should! :) No, really, I don’t know if the Lord will keep us here but we are here now and doing as much as we can to glorify Him and be patient with His plans for our life.

      Where do you see yourself long-term? Are you still looking for property in Utah?

  2. Jen Lannholm says:

    OK, I am inspired again. Do I look for a source of fresh goat’s milk in the Arizona desert; or do I move to Oregon so I can make this soap? The last time I made soap was years ago and I made some calendula soap, triple milled, because my Grandson was having skin issues. I’m thinking the goat’s milk would be wonderful for sensitive skin.
    Thanks again for a fun, educational read.

    • Jen – duh, you should move to Oregon. :) The milk soap felt so good in the shower yesterday – from what I’ve read, it is very soothing and good for skin. Try to find some – have you looked at http://realmilk.com for sources?

  3. Jen Lannholm says:

    Thanks for the site, will check it out.

  4. The soap looks great! I am in Minnesota visiting my mom. I am showing her what a “blog” looks like. Yours is the example! She wanted to see how I respond. She is watching now! :-) She says thank you for praying for her when she was sick. Love, Mary

  5. We just took our home off the market, just felt like we needed to wait a little longer before we move.
    We will probably move somewhere in Utah, (maybe in a year or so) but the cool weather in Oregon really appeals to me, along with the availability of organics and natural foods.
    We are just trying to do things in the Lord’s time. That is sometimes hard for me because I am kindof an inpatient person, but I know if we do we will be blessed.

    • Mary ~ Hello to you and your dear Mom! I wondered where you’ve been! Hope you’re having a wonderful time – but I know you are. :) I am sorry not to answer your comment right away – the weekend was busy. Please tell your mom hello from me and that I’m happy she’s better. I was honored to pray for her and will continue to do so! Love to you both! ~Wardee

      Tiffany ~ I know, it is hard to be patient. :) I am sorry your house didn’t sell. The Lord’s timing is best. You know, it is cooler in Oregon, but it is dark and rainy. Just to add that thought into the mix. We have friends from Utah who moved here for about a year, and it was very, very hard for them to adjust to the dark and wet winters compared to Utah. They’ve since moved back and I think they’re happier with the weather. :) Myself, I love Oregon – I can always warm up but it is hard to cool down. Jeff struggles during the winter, the dark weather is depressing. He longs for sun. Everyone is different!~

  6. OH!! thanks for letting me know about the dark. I REALLY love the sun in the winter. I think I need it, so the dark would really bother me.
    Darn it! I had high hopes for Oregon.
    So where is the perfect place? I like seasons, but also want cooler summers, it is just so hot here.

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