Goat Milk Soap – Part 2

Allrighty. I bet you’re thinking that it took me long enough to show you the cut up bars of goat milk soap (part 1 here).

The reason this took me so long is because it was really hard to do. ;)

  1. Remove soap block from mold.
  2. Cut into strips (I did 6).
  3. Cut bars off strips (I got 2 bars of each strip).
  4. Let continue hardening in a place with good airflow – don’t wrap up.

I had two molds to cut up, which is why there are so many more finished bars up there than you’d think would come out of one mold.

Sometimes, I use the whole amount of cooked soap and fill up just one mold, which makes soap blocks. I like those, too.

And I hate to say it, but I’m still not done. These bars still need labels. I guess that will be Part 3.

I’ll be more prompt with part 3, though, because I’m going to deliver some of these bars to Localvore Fresh Oregon Foods tomorrow to sell on consignment there. Can’t deliver them without labels!


  1. They look really good. How big is a bar? (measurements not weight) :)
    .-= Marg´s last blog ..Green beans! =-.

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