Cutting Out

I finally got in some sewing time yesterday. Boy, it has been a long time in coming! I sewed two of the tank tops I cut out a few weeks ago and I pre-washed (about time) the bamboo jersey I bought for more of those. Then I cut out a bunch of pairs of linen shorts in solid colors. You can kind of see the colors heaped up around where I am cutting. There is navy, minty/sage-y green, two colors of brown, and that same teal that is in the overdress I’m wearing in the picture. Underneath the overdress is one of the tank tops I made yesterday. By the time it was time to get dinner on, I’d gotten one pair of shorts almost constructed.


We are headed out in a bit, to the grand re-opening of the Umpqua Store. We’ll run a couple errands while we’re out there and then return home. I think most of the afternoon will be left, so I’d like to finish a couple pairs of the shorts by the time dinner and milking roll around.

Will you keep our goats in your prayers? The baby, Daisy, is doing very well now and appears to have recovered from the pneumonia. Her mom, Belle, is still not well. Today I am going to get yet another antibiotic since she didn’t seem to respond to the first one. This kills us to be doing this, but she is likely to die otherwise. She is really not well. And now, Bunny is sick. I mentioned the other day that we worried about her. She now has all the signs of the pneumonia, so we’ve begun treating her, too.


  1. I love the color of that overdress. You look lovely in that blue. I will be praying for Belle, Bunny, and the rest of the herd that the pneumonia will be healed quickly and with little interference.

  2. Wow, sorry to hear about Belle and Bunny. We will be praying also. It will be nice when they are all healed and settled in. I had no idea goats were so delicate, what a shock.

    I love your colors, and the styles. You’ll have to post more pictures when your done :-)


    • Jami, thanks for prayers. We’re kind of shocked by how delicate they can be, too.

      I will *try* to take pictures. :) Or I could wear something I’ve made next Friday when I see you. :D

  3. Of course I meant colors and styles of cloths and NOT goats *LOL* I’ve been shoveling tons of dirt in the garden and it’s made me weary. I’ll stop typing now…..

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