New: Goat and New: Fabric

The owner of Honey called yesterday while we were headed out for the day; her kid (Bunny) has been miserable without her mom – wouldn’t eat or drink and had been wailing for 2 days. She offered to let us buy Bunny and of course, we said yes. Honey has been lonely, too, and we like to keep family units together. On our way home from town, we picked up Bunny. We lined the back seat floor of the truck with plastic and an old blanket from a friend and Bunny laid down for the whole ride (she didn’t soil anything). I videotaped the reunion of Honey and Bunny (love those names) – at first we thought Honey was going to reject Bunny because she rebuffed her much like a nuisance-fly several times before allowing Bunny to nurse. But no. It was the LONGEST NURSING I have ever seen. Honey’s milk had been filling her udder since 6am that morning. By 4pm, when we got home, she was FULL. And Bunny drained her. Right then and in a dozen subsequent nursings. As a result, we are now sharing Honey’s milk supply with her kid, so our milk yield has gone down — but the family relationship trumps. Lord, please send us some more milking does!


I received some bamboo jersey via UPS yesterday. All from Nature’s Fabrics, the new home of Covered Caboose. It is light-weight, 95% bamboo and 5% spandex, and I intend to use it in the summer tops I’m planning for myself and the girls. The spring colors: purple, bright blue and raspberry.

On the way to me are some late spring colors: colony blue, basil, and grapeade. These are light-weight bamboo jersey-spandex blend also. I wanted them for summer t-shirts for Jeff, but we’ll see if they’re not too feminine ‘cuz they are a little slinky. Know what I mean?


  1. Yay for Bunny and Honey! :D


  2. I am so excited you got Honey’s baby. You’ll have to show us a pic of her too. I love their names. Praying for more milking goats for the Harmons. :-)

  3. Wardee,
    Hi, I was at my dairy this week picking up milk. I talked to the dairy farmers and they said a good goat will give 1 gallon of milk per day. So I think once you all get settled, you will have plenty of milk. Congrats on the new goat!

    • Tiffany ~ thanks for finding that out for me! We have an idea about what may be keeping our milk supply down – if it is true, then I feel so stupid! But, hey, live and learn. I’ll know tomorrow and I’ll write about it then, if it is true.

  4. Well…I say yay for the spring fabric and yay for Honey and Bunny’s reunion. Thank you very much. ;D


  5. Hi, Wardee!

    I’ve been thinking about you and the furoshikis.
    I tried something last week with sheer curtains. They’re rectangular, but I folded one in half to make into an almost square. I then folded and tied it into a furoshiki bag.

    It worked beautifully. The double layers(from folding the rectangular shape into a square shape)now serve as compartments! I have three compartments in my bag!

    I hope your goats are doing well.

    The simple dessert of goats milk and strawberries do sound like the best dessert ever!

    • Hello, Nurturing Wisdom! I have been thinking about you, too. We’ve been so crazy busy that I haven’t had time or energy to spend on those fascinating furoshikis. I think it is great what you did with the sheer curtains! Thanks for visiting ~ these are definitely on my list to write about and try more of soon.

      Love, Wardee

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