Soap for Country Store


A local organization took ownership of a country store in the area. They are in the process of renovating it and adding fresh produce, a vegetarian restaurant, bulk foods, and gift shop. They asked me to contribute some of my craft items in the gift area. Of course I said yes. I am mostly participating for fun, without expecting to earn much money.

Yesterday, I delivered most of what I’ll be contributing: not only the castile soap pictured here, but flax seed packs in two sizes, repurposed fabric shopping bags, crocheted hats, and merino wool headbands/ear warmers. My girls will be contributing beaded bookmarks, as soon as they finish creating a batch.

The soap wrappers are black printing on scrapbook¬† paper for a color look (ala my “color” business cards). I so wish I’d thought to take a better picture of the basket carrying the soaps. I got it at a thrift store last week. It is antique (I think) with straw ribbon flowers embroidered around all sides. I will take a picture at the country store when it is all set up. It won’t be open for about a month.


  1. This store sounds like a perfect fit. I wish you lots of luck, fun and success!

  2. You will do wonderfully, I am sure! :mrgreen:

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