Doin’ School

Where do you do school? We use the dining room table. The kids set up their stacks of books, each to an area. They love to set up their workbooks! This does fit with their love of playing games that involve heaps of paperwork — like shops, doctor’s offices and such. To them, paperwork seems glamorous. They’ll learn. ;)


  1. That is very interesting. Wardee, where do the kids put their books when they do not have school? I use my laptop on the dining table but do not know what to do with it when not using it (we have an upstairs and a downstairs) and it seems like too much work to carry it all over the house. The books look so neat!

    • Sangeeta, the kids have a bookshelf in the dining room for all their books. Most of the time they keep it pretty neat, but I do have to encourage B. and C.. And their books aren’t always so neat at the table. This morning, I took the picture when they’d just begun!

      Do you have a bookshelf or an end table, or even a drawer, nearby, in which you could clear a space for laptop and other materials you are using? Then you would free up the table for meals and such.

      Love, Wardee

  2. Hi Wardee. :) My girlies do their schooling in the living room. Emma at a chair near the coffee table and Beka typically on the couch. Occasionally they do work at their desks, but not often. And, occasionally, we do schooling in the car. On days that we drive to Nashville (once a month maybe). Sometimes they pick up their school books and go outside, on the tire swing or on the patio. I guess I honestly never liked stiff, hard chairs in school myself, so I let them school where it is comfortable to them. :D

    Have a wonderful Wednesday, Robin

  3. Thank you! Those are great suggestions. I will let you know what I come up with.

  4. Wardee,
    Has anyone pointed out to you that your kids are physically getting bigger?!
    They don’t look like the small little kids I remember first seeing on your blog!
    You’re such a great mom!!

  5. We mostly do ours at the table. I only have one old enough for book work. The other is 2. If she’s not doing it at the table it’s at her desk or on the couch. My they grow up fast don’t they?

  6. mom-from-missouri says:

    We just moved our classroom from the dining room table to the basement. DH works shiftwork and likes to watch TV on his first day off from working all night. The kids find that TV too distracting, so I moved us downstairs. It is working well, we have several bookcases, my desk, a large table, all our sewing, so we can do our home ec there as well. We have our school posters on the wall, and a small kitchen area an bathroom there as well. Soon, my dad will put in a couple more outlets for us, then we can connect a TV for our library videos.

  7. That’s great how you’ve made things work for you! I can understand how the TV would be distracting. Hope you get those outlets put in soon! Thanks for writing! Love, Wardee

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