Thrift Store Report

At the Goodwill Outlet, I bought this lot for $2:

9 mis-matched glasses, shown here in my cupboard. We really needed the glasses, having only three left from our set that has broken over the years. I used to want matching, but I think I’m drawn at the moment to an eclectic set. Four of the glasses purchased are quite nice, with a beehive pattern to the inner glass and heavy.

Mis-matched Thrift Store Glasses

9 mis-matched glasses

3 books: 2 on draperies, curtains and covers, 1 on home meat curing. The Home Meat Curing book is full of information on how to hang and butcher meats at home. Since we’re headed that direction, I was happy to find it.

3 books from the Goodwill Outlet

2 books on curtains and cushions, 1 book on home meat curing

At a regular thrift store, 6 smooth cotton sheets (five are shown, there are two of the tan), ranging in price from $1.99 to $2.99 each. You might doubt my need of sheets, since I get them frequently, but I did need more. I use them all the time, for totes, napkin sets, muslins, etc. My fabric shelf was down to only a handful of flannel and knit sheets.

5 Sheets from the thrift store

5 of the 6 thrift store sheets

And, NOT from a thrift store, linen fabric from JoAnn’s. I went there expecting to purchase one color of linen, using my 40% off coupon. I very pleasantly discovered all their linen, linen-looks, and linen-blends to be on sale for 60% off! I don’t like the linen-look fabric that is half polyester and I don’t usually splurge on the 100% linen that sells for like $15 a yard regularly. My favorite is the linen-rayon blend that is $6.99/yard regular price. It was on sale for $2.79/yard! $2.79! I don’t know how long the sale lasts, but if you need linen, I’d recommend getting over there. I stocked up on it. I always use linen. I make our dresses and my pants and shorts out of it. So this will get used and probably quickly, as I have yet to make A. and B. the overdresses that I made for myself.

Linens on sale at JoAnn\'s

$2.49/yard linen from JoAnn’s

I am wearing my overdresses almost daily. I made the black overdress and then an olive one. I have a brighter blue one cut out (see the teal linen above). To go underneath, I made (but didn’t mention last week) 2 extra-long tank tops, 2 long-sleeved extra-long t-shirts, and 2 long-sleeved full dress t-shirts. These are all out of t-shirt weight, soft, merino wool jersey. Even in the summer, this wool is cool and comfortable. On chilly mornings, the full t-shirt underdresses keep me warm, but not too warm. I’m so happy about my new wardrobe.


  1. Wardee, I would love to see you in the blue dress..I bet you look beautiful in it..warm loving hugs

  2. Mona,

    Perhaps I will send you a picture after I get that dress done. ;) Thank you for your sweet hugs.

    Love, Wardee

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