Black Wool Baselayer T-Shirts

After two treatments in the jet black overdye, the previously red merino wool t-shirts are now black. I had to dye them twice because after the first overdyeing, some of the red still peeked through.


We’re enjoying our t’s and the extra warmth they give right next to our skin. I love wool! I am thankful that God created sheep and the gift they produce year after year — their wool fleece. Wool is naturally water repellent (from lanolin) and naturally insulating. It can absorb a great deal of water without making one feel cold. Even in warm weather, wool feels comfortable. It is naturally anti-microbial, so garments don’t get stinky like polyester garments would do. God created this marvelous fiber and I thank Him for it!

Edit/Update: Other projects I’ve completed with merino wool interlock: Neck Warmer, Skull Cap/Beanie, and My First Baselayer T-Shirt. I’ve also used fine merino wool interlock to make some of these tanks tops for myself. That link takes you to pics of what I did with recycled cotton t-shirts, but since then I’ve made several out of merino and they’re nice and cool, even in summer! Finally, I made merino wool underdresses to go under my linen overdresses.


  1. I just discovered your blog last night. Enjoying the information!

    Loved the red t-shirt with black threads, but it looks great all black too. Unfortunately, I cannot tolerate wool. It is one of those things that I like the concept of, but I just can’t touch it.

    Okay, back to perusing your great blog.

    Hi, Judy! Have you tried merino wool? It is so soft and can be tolerated by many who can’t abide regular wool. Just a thought! Love, Wardee

  2. i will check out merino wool. Thank you for the information about it.


  3. That looks nifty. :)

  4. Wardee, I love seeing all of your projects! Have a wonderful Sunday! Love, Karen T.

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