Practicing Skull Caps/Beanies

I really don’t like the name skull cap, but I guess that’s what they are — hats that stick close to the skull and its shape. Is a beanie different? I don’t know. But I do know that that is what I’m trying to make.

That wool that I dyed twice in olive-brown last Thursday did turn out too orange-y. So on Friday, I dyed it black, half strength, and it turned out just like I wanted — a nice chocolate brown.

He looks good, my sweet boy C.!

I’ve been working a little here and there since Friday on practicing the skull caps for Jeff and C.. The hat I made today fits C., which probably means it will be too tight for Jeff. I was modeling these wool hats from Ibex — Meru Skull Cap and  Zephyr Skull Cap. Only I didn’t flatlock the seams like Ibex does. I used a wide 3-thread serger stitch and I coverstitched those down flat with a wide 2-thread coverstitch.

C. was rubbing his eyes; he didn’t want me to show this picture, but I’m going to anyway (sorry, C.) because it shows the top of the hat.


  1. Very nice!! My MIL made one for Susanna, but it has a flat top. I guess it is not a skully.

  2. The only time I wear those is when I help dh shovel snow. Great job!

  3. The that looks great and so does C. :)

    We like these kind of hats here because they are warm yet don’t take up a lot of room, kwim?

  4. Hi there,
    I’m trying to find a skull cap that fits as good as The Edge’s from U2. He has form fitting skull caps like your boy is modelling and they’re thinner than wool, with no bumpy seams at the top.
    Would it be possible to make me one, with view to me ordering a few to keep me going on stage?

    Thanks and best wishes – Luke (U.K.)

  5. I too am looking for a ‘skull cap’/beanie like The Edge’s and happened on to your site. I can’t understand if you make/sell them or ? Please let me know. I want a couple black ones suitable for California weather.


  6. Wardee,

    I am interested in a custom skullbeanie cap. Can I send measurements via electronic mail? Also, should the length be meausured from top to side OR top to front OR both?


    Jim Whealan

  7. Hey Wardee!
    I hope all is well with you and your family and I hope you all have a lovely Christmas time and New Year! (I must say ‘Thanks giving’ too :)

    The caps are doing the business and it’s always a laugh to tell people they’re ‘custom made’.

    Keep on rockin’ – Luke :)

  8. Michael Pekala says:

    Honorable Wardah:

    I am lookingtfor several “Edge caps” as described in :””

    I would like to order few. Can you please give me details?

    Thank you!


  9. Wardah, r u stll making n selling Ur custom edge beanies? Thx

  10. I am looking for Edge (U2) style caps also!

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