Our Financial Binder

This information began in my Household Notebook, but I soon realized that it needed its own space. This is what I include in our Financial Binder:

  • Pocket for bills & bill coupon books, extra blank envelopes, and stamp ordering envelope
  • Pocket for things I must do or follow up on: insurance claims, rebate forms, etc.
  • Printed forms to fill-in entries for our banking spreadsheet — date, payee, amount, check # or cash, etc.
  • Pocket for receipts which must be logged in the printed form (above)
  • *Monthly budget guide and savings schedule
  • *List of bills, including: how much we usually pay, the billing cycle (monthly, yearly, bi-annually, etc.), what day of the month or which month(s) each bill is due, how it is paid (online, mail, phone, in person)
  • *List of vendors (all merchants to whom we pay money), including: the reason we use them (phone, electric, etc.), their phone and address, our account number, the person with whom I usually speak, website URL, login, password, and other information that pertains to each.

*This page(s) put in a page protector.


  1. We have a organizer on the desk that is divided up for each day of the month. That method works really well for dh.

    That’s a good idea. The best idea is the one that works, right? Love, Wardee

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