How to Attach Blanket Binding

Attach Blanket Binding

For less noticeable stitching, use a thread color that matches the binding color. Read carefully and follow the directions at the Wright’s website to attach blanket binding.

Even though the binding is seemingly simple to attach, it can be a tricky. I have found that a few additional instructions are helpful.

Additional Blanket Binding Instructions

  • Start attaching the binding at the bottom edge, about 1/3 of the way from the bottom right-hand corner. Pin the binding to the bottom edge, overlapping the binding over the blanket edge by 1/2 inch. Leaving four inches unsewn at the beginning, sew along the very edge of the binding all the way to the end of this side. DO NOT CUT BINDING. Follow the Wright’s website directions to pin the first corner and second side. Continue pinning and sewing just one corner and side at a time.
  • When you finish attaching the binding around the last corner and are approaching the point where you started, cut the end binding so that it overlaps the beginning binding by about three inches. Tuck the end binding under the beginning binding. Turn the beginning binding edge under 1/2 inch and pin down, lining up the edges. Now you can finish stitching along the blanket edge.
  • Topstitch perpendicular to the blanket edge along the folded edge of beginning binding to secure. Go back to each corner and sew along the diagonal to secure the mitered corners.


  1. how do you attach the bindings of 2 pkgs together when one pkg is not enough to go around the blanket.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi, Tammy.

    Thanks for the question.

    You would overlap the one that you’re adding over the one that is running out. Stop stitching about 4 or 5 inches before your blanket binding runs out. Fold over the edge of the new blanket binding and overlap it by about 2 or 3 inches or so. Then continue seaming over both them where they overlap.

    You can also do it the opposite way — by folding under the edge of the binding that is running out and inserting the end of the new binding under it.

    Hope this helps!

    Love, Wardee

  3. Hi…

    Which stich can I use intead of zig-zag stich?. . . or is it the best stich if i’m trying to atach a binding?

    Thanks in advance !

    Laura, you can use a straight stitch or a stitch with a wave in it. Either would work equally well. The nice thing about a zigzag is that you don’t have to be so precise, but a straight stitch will still be secure. ~Wardee

  4. I have put blanket binding on before but have trouble catching it even on both sides. Any ideas to make it look better? Thanks

    Hi, Joyce. It is trouble, I know. The best I have gotten it is when I carefully pin, keeping the wider side of the binding on the underside of the blanket, and I do a zigzag stitch. The zigzag is more forgiving and in the end makes the binding look almost perfect because there’s no pressure to make a perfectly aligned stitch. I’m sorry I don’t have an easy fix; binding can be tricky! The zigzag is about the best thing I’ve found. Love, Wardee

  5. Thanks, I am going to give it another try!

  6. Debbie Marshall says:

    Thanks for the hints, I am going to try the zig-zag stitch. I have always had trouble with just the straight stitch, leaving parts not even stitched and having to go back and re-stitch them.

  7. Nan Rivers says:

    Has anyone ever tried securing the binding with wash-out spray adhesive before sewing? I’m about to sew some binding on a blanket and I think that’s what I’m going to do instead of pins.

    That’s a really good idea, Nan! Thanks for sharing it. I hope it works for you! Love, Wardee

  8. Dear Wardee,
    I have been looking everywhere for ideas on adding additonal blanket binding to a blanket. Good idea. You are a life savor. Thanks Mary

  9. I am sewing my grandchilds baby quilt panel and I put a blanket binding around the edges. I am hand sewing. I am using what my mom called a whip stitch is this correct. I sew it on each side of the blanket separate.

  10. Thank you for answering my note. I looked online for different kinds of stitching, I wanted the most secure. It looks like the blanket stitch would be the most secure for the baby quilt’s binding. The whip stitch looks like it would not withstand the growing years. Carol
    .-= carol´s last blog ..Homeschool Curriculum ~ 2009-2010 =-.

  11. Jeanie Murphy says:

    I just starting sewing a binding on for the first time. I thing I made a mistake.
    I just sewed one ‘layer of the binding on to the front of the blanket (by machine), but I think I should have sewed both layers or edges to the front and then folded the whole thing together and sewed to the back.

    Any words of wisdom for me??

  12. Shirley Wright says:

    I am sewing a baby blanket with minkie cloth and lining with a fleece cloth. I purchased satin blanket binding which is 2 in. folded. Do I sew at the edge (5/8 in. .)or do I place the blanket to the center of the 2 in. binding? Have I made the wrong choice in the size of binding for this blanket?

  13. Marilyn says:

    I’m about to attach satin blanket binding to a wall quilt as requested by my DIL to finish a quilt that her mother started but was unable to finish before passing away. Needless to say, I want it to be perfect. I have never done this before but I have made a couple of quilts and finished them other ways. Do I need to do anything to the edge of the quilt before adding the binding? As in, trimming backing, filling and quilt top evenly. When I apply the binding, do I place the quilt against the fold of the binding or a little bit away?

  14. thank heavens for Google…and your site. I was tearing my hear out trying to figure out how to attach my Wrights binding. I think I will curve the corners to make it easier…will that work? It is a small 30 inch square baby blanket, minkee/flannel squares, backed with flannel, with a thin poly batting inside.

  15. Annette says:

    I made 2 fleece baby blankets and put a fleece binding around them. WOW now that was way to thick. Im considering taking them off and using satin or something similar… any suggestions?

  16. Annette says:

    One more thing, I found a pattern for a fleece scarf and hat set, what would you suggest for an edging on the scarf? It tends to curl.

  17. Thanks so much for this! I’m 3/4 of the way around a flannel baby blanket with a satin lining. I’ve tried similar projects at least a dozen times before and never had the success I’ve had using your directions. You’re awesome!

  18. I am new to sewing and my machine offers a few different zig-zag stitches….which one is best for blanket binding? It also offers satin stitches, is that just a name or should I use that if the binding is Satin?

  19. Hi,
    I am using satin blanket binding to finish (hem) a curved tunic. I have figured out that I will probably use a glue stick but am wondering where to cut the binding. The bottom of the garment will be shaped like a half circle.
    thanks for any advice you can give.

  20. Elaine Hewett says:

    I am using a 2 in. satin binding to finish a fleece baby blanket. Do I put the edge of the blanket inside and to the fold and then do a zig zag stitch along the edge so it doesn’t fray?This is my first time and there are no directions on the binding.

  21. HI,
    I am using A premade about 2″ (folded) satin blanket binding on a fleece baby blanket for the first time and don’t know how to make the picture frame type corners. Do I cut the corners? If so how? I don’t want to do it wrong. Can you help!

  22. I’m wanting to put Wright Satin Blanket binding on a childs throw. But I want to miter the cornors.Would like to find pictures or video on how to do this but so far haven’t found anythin. Any help would be greatly appreacited. Thank

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