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  1. Hi, Wardee, Every day I would read the Rose Cottage blog of Elizabeth from Texas. I always loved hearing about her dog, Candi. Her blog seems to have disappeared. I know you were a “web friend” of hers. Did she change the name of her blog? Is everything OK? I hope you can give me some information about Elizabeth’s blog.

    Thank you and best wishes.

  2. Hi, Cathy.

    Elizabeth’s new blog address is:

    I recently found her again, too!

    Love, Wardee

  3. Hi, Wardee. My old blog Spending Time With Glenys has been deleted and is replaced with my new one.

    It is called Musings Of A Christian Wife. I have added your site to it.



  4. elmor(bisharat) sawsan says:

    hii wardh iam so happy to find your site(your mom give it to me)by the way i am arij sister it was nice to see the family visting n l.a u have great family and u do wonderfull job keep going love u

  5. Dear Sweet Wardee
    I was wondering if you had the recipe for making arabic rice. You know the one with slivered almonds and vermicelli noodles??? If so, could you please give it to me? Your the greatest and I love all your recipes.

    Love, Monica

  6. Hi, Sawsan! I am so happy you found my blog! Please visit again and let me know how you are doing. I wish I could have visited you, too! Say hello to Ariej and Olla!

    Love, Wardee

  7. Hello, sweet Monica :D

    I will look around for a recipe and post it for you.

    Do you mean pine nuts though, instead of the almonds?

    Love, Wardee

  8. Yes!!! Pine Nuts. Im sure its a simple recipe, but I just want to make it perfect. Thank You so much

  9. Monica — Here is the recipe:

    If you want to use vermicelli instead of the whole wheat angel hair, go ahead. You can’t use too much! If you want to use white rice instead of brown, then you’ll use the same amount of rice but half the water (or stock).

    Hope you like it!

  10. HI Wardee, I have visited a couple of times to get recipes but not have chatted. Anyways I’m starting to feel better. My due date is around Feb.10th so that makes me about 16 weeks along. Fortunate for me that I’m doing better for we started school. I feel tired out after lunch and have to rest. All my energy goe’s into making a baby. The best thing I can see so far is that everyone is pitching in and learning new chores, at times there not to happy but everyone is pitching in, even dad he has been great. I just wanted to say hi and let you know that the smoked salmon salad made my mouth water. I found some at trader Joe’s and bought it to try. Where do you purchase your smoked salmon? I now own a digital camera I will have to send some pictures.

  11. You eat healthy by the looks of your recipes. I’ll have to try some of the things you serveyour household.

    Want to trade a bar of coffee soap for a jar of my salve? I’ll be making a new batch soon. I’m Elizabeth over at the Elizabethian tea. Just let me know. You can click a comment button to contact me if you want to trade products.

    That sounds fun, Elizabeth! I’ll send you an email. Love, Wardee

  12. Hi Wardee,

    Thanks so much for your wonderful recipes. My children especially like your whole wheat bread recipe. While looking through your other recipes and your shopping lists, I’ve noticed that you use a variety of sweeteners.
    Do you prefer one to the others? We currently use agave nectar, maple syrup, and honey. I can’t seem to find a dry sweetener that tastes right. We’ve tried stevia and dehydrated cane juice and disliked the bitter after taste. What do you recommend?

    Hello, Melinda. It blessed me to hear that you enjoy the bread recipe. As for sweeteners, I use honey and agave mostly in baking. I use xylitol on our cereal and stevia when cooking it. When I need a dry sweetener, I use date sugar. Have you tried that? It is not as sweet, but really delicious, and no bitterness. The stevia does have an aftertaste. I add a bit to hot cereals but other than that I don’t use it much. Hope this helps. Love, Wardee

  13. Hi Wardee,
    I really like your new website design, but I’m having difficulty reading the Azure Standard shopping list. The column where it is posted seems to be narrower than the list. Is there a way to pull up the complete list? I have recently found a buying club near me, and I’m trying to see how much to order at a time.

    Melinda, thanks for pointing this out to me! I changed the format of that post. I did a partial update of it, but I’ll have to go back and update more later. The contents of the list are over a year old, so some things have changed. For instance, there are few gluten-free items on that list. Anyway, I hope you’ll be able to work with it now and I hope it is helpful! Love, Wardee

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