Merry Christmas 2012

Harmon family

Our beloved family and friends, we pray your hearts will be lifted in praise this Christmas for the precious gift of Jesus and the joy He brings. We treasure you among the blessings and gifts He gives. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Here’s a video for you, sharing the highlights of our 2012. And also, our digital Christmas card (plus what we didn’t want to show in it).

Winners of the Whiteboard Weekly Planners!

Paper Tree Designs Weekly Planner

I’m sorry I’m late with this! I am posting from Phoenix-area, Arizona. Leading up to getting here I got a little busy and neglected to post the winners of the whiteboard weekly planner giveaway. Better late than never, right? And with this giveaway, it is worth the wait, believe me! And now… the winners of Paper Tree Designs Family Weekly Planners are…

Weekly Planner Giveaway from Paper Tree Designs

Paper Tree Designs Weekly Planner

My friend Deb from Paper Tree Designs makes lovely, whiteboard, dry-erase, magnetic, family weekly planners. I keep mine on the fridge.
With this planner, we know at a glance who needs to be where or do what during the coming week. Workshops, youth group, meetings, church, homeschooling events, get-togethers with friends… Each person gets a column and we fill in their activities for the week. Not only functional — but beautiful. :) We’re giving away 5 of these!

Chicken Nesting Box


We have had various nesting box setups, but they lacked the one thing our rebel, free-range chickens seem to want — darkness and protection. Instead most of the chickens prefer to climb under the tarp that covers the hay and lay eggs all over and around the stack. Other chickens would choose to lay eggs in broad daylight — on the tractor seat, in the old Red Flyer wagon, on the work table. Don’t ask me their logic, I don’t understand. But I do understand that it creates problems — like eggs rolling off and breaking and chickens eating their eggs because they’re right there in front of them.

I cut a shower curtain in half…


…and hung it on my rack aka “dresser” to begin making my bedroom more like a bedroom and less like a storeroom. It is only pinned up to clear the floor so will need to be hemmed properly. It could also bear to meet the iron. I like how the shower curtain S hooks make […]

My first box of my first copies of my first book!


“The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods” by yours truly, Wardee Harmon. More info is here. Want to come to a book signing in Sutherlin, Oregon?

I cleaned out the coat closet.


More stuff than I realized was stuffed in there! Some old papers I wanted to burn rather than leave behind should something happen to me. No, I’m not foreshadowing anything. More than anything, it was a chance to play with fire with C.. C. likes old things. He thought this charred airmail letter was cool. […]

B. rode a horse for her birthday.


So did her siblings.

B. got bangs.


My collage. A.’s collage. Cutie-pie, isn’t she?

Merry Christmas from our Family


To family and friends far and wide — we’re grateful for your love and friendship. This video shares some of our family’s memories from 2011. As we look back on 2011 and see all the blessings God has given, we can’t help but be excited for 2012. Merry Christmas and God bless you all!