Chicken Nesting Box


We have had various nesting box setups, but they lacked the one thing our rebel, free-range chickens seem to want — darkness and protection. Instead most of the chickens prefer to climb under the tarp that covers the hay and lay eggs all over and around the stack. Other chickens would choose to lay eggs in broad daylight — on the tractor seat, in the old Red Flyer wagon, on the work table. Don’t ask me their logic, I don’t understand. But I do understand that it creates problems — like eggs rolling off and breaking and chickens eating their eggs because they’re right there in front of them.

I cut a shower curtain in half…


…and hung it on my rack aka “dresser” to begin making my bedroom more like a bedroom and less like a storeroom. It is only pinned up to clear the floor so will need to be hemmed properly. It could also bear to meet the iron. I like how the shower curtain S hooks make […]

Crockpot Castile Soap


When I started making soap, I learned from the book Handcrafted Soap, by Dolores Boone. It is well worn – though I don’t follow the recipes, I follow the technique. I love the hot process soap method because it is fast and pretty hands-off. My style. My soap can be in the molds in about an hour and half, with only 15 minutes of hands-on time. Then the next day, it takes about 15 minutes to cut up the bars. Half hour soap! :D

Jeff’s Merino Wool Skull Cap – Beanie Hat


Jeff has been asking for me to work on his skull cap and this seemed to be the weekend to do that. It helps that he’s been home and accessible for try-ons and input. I tried once or twice last winter to get a good hat for him, and they were close, but not quite. He’s my pickiest customer. ;)



This beauty has been hanging around our place the last few days.

HomeKeeper’s Journal ~ October 22, 2009

Each Wednesday, The HomeKeeper’s Journal is led by Sylvia at CHK. You’re welcome to join The HomeKeeper’s Journal, too.

Goat Milk Soap – Part 3


I delivered my goat milk soap yesterday to Localvore Fresh Oregon Foods, a new food store in Sutherlin that features Oregon-grown, naturally-grown food items.

Goat Milk Soap – Part 2

just out of the mold

Allrighty. I bet you’re thinking that it took me long enough to show you the cut up bars of goat milk soap. All I can say is that the reason this took me so long is because it was really hard to do. ;)

Goat Milk Soap – Part 1

partially frozen (slushy) goat milk in an ice water bath

This is not going to be a goat milk tutorial. There are so many good tutorials on the web and I’m not a proficient or knowledgeable enough soap maker to think I could cover the subject well. But here are some pictures and brief descriptions of the process I underwent yesterday in my first attempt at making goat milk soap.

Copying A Retro Apron – Part 1


I am copying a retro apron for a friend. This post is Part 1 of the process. I show you the apron and some of its details and how I copy it, creating a pattern from it that can be used over and over again.